Sunday, April 6, 2008

Slowly but surely

I've been trying to get some scrap projects done. My hand injury has made it really challenging to scrap. I went to a hand specialist who took one look at me and knew my problem. I tore the ligament that attaches my middle finger to my hand. This collateral ligament is what makes it possible to grasp items between your finger and thumb. In order to avoid long term deformity, I'm having it surgically repaired tomorrow. Honestly, I'm a big chicken. I know it's no big deal compared to lots of other problems, but when he started talking about needing to drill a couple of holes in my finger bone, I got queasy. Oh well, I just have to suck it up and be a big girl.

Here is my last project for Scrappy Girl Designs with my March kit. It's a Creative Imaginations Tin mini album. The colorful Dream Street papers make me happy!

Speaking of Scrappy Girl Designs, head on over there to participate in the Gallery Blast contest.
Just say hello and share your work with us!

The first challenge at Dreamgirls has been so exciting - we have had several participants rockin this challenge. There's still time to take part too. And stop by to say hello on our message board - we'd love to see you!

So this is probably my last blog post for a bit, but in the words of the Terminator...

"I'll be back!"


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Jana said...

What a great little book. I love the idea!! I am sorry about your hand. That stinks. I hope it feels better soon and isn't permanent!
{PS: I got here through your blog listing at Scrap for a Cure in case you are wondering who I am...}