Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sneaky Peek and other stuff

Here is a sneak peek of a LO for the next Dreamgirls challenge:

That's all I can share for now, but be sure to check out Challenge #5 on June 1st! You have GOT to see the inspiring projects the DT has created!

I have a toot to share too. I was asked to be the Guest DT member at Scrap for a Cure for July. I am so excited!

Oh, and I realized I never shared this LO that I made for last week's challenge at Scrapping the Music. This is Jimmy, last spring at a playground. Love this picture of him. The song inspo last week was Breathe In, Breathe Out by Matt Kearney. I used some of the lyrics for my journaling.

The week has flown by. I wasn't needed at work on Tuesday, so I haven't gone back yet. But I spoke with my manager and it looks like I'll be working Saturday night.

Tommy spiked a fever Tuesday night and a trip to the pediatrician netted us a bronchitis diagnosis and yet another antibiotic to add to our medicine regime. Dr. Russ also told Tommy he needed to start pooping on the potty like a big boy. This was greeted with giggles of laughter by Tommy, who refused to acknowledge the authority of a doctor.

The kids had their school spring concert the other night. While I always do the dutiful mom thing and smile through these concerts, I especially enjoyed this one. Maybe because it wasn't as hot in the auditorium this year, or maybe it's because I was there alone. (Mike stayed home with Tommy who was in all his "I'm sick, so I'll terrorize you" 3 year old glory.) I think it's because this year all the kids (especially my 11 year old) REALLY sang. They sang a variety of traditional church hymns as well as some contemporary Praise songs. I was so sorry I chose to leave my camera home. I felt so uplifted by the children's performance. Their innocence and love of God touched me. After I was home, I learned our family was chosen to receive some scholarship monies from our school and Parish for the next school year. It is such a timely blessing, since we've been living on a tight budget for some time now. I actually cried tears of joy as I read it. It will really help us as we work to get back to normal.

I wanted to share some pictures of Jimmy. They had a "Road Race" at his preschool. Each child needed to make a "vehicle" with his family to race at school. His teacher was amazing, creating a course marked with homemade checkered flags and a "Car wash" through plastic fringe and bubbles. It was SO fun to see and I can't wait to scrap these pictures:

On the assembly line, making the car...

Gentleman, start your engines!

VROOOM! He's off...

Jimmy, in fact, did "win" the race, although there was never an official race. They ended their day with hot dogs and cupcakes and watched the movie "Cars." He loved every minute of it!

Well, have a great weekend everyone! I will be working this weekend and will be very happy to do!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My latest projects

In my last post, I mentioned that I had worked on a fun, girlie LO. This was inspired by a sketch by the very talented Zarah at the Scrapbook Nook. I dove into my supplies and here's what happened:

I was really happy with it, and I think it helped me find my long lost mojo!

Here's a DT project for MOSD. The mini is their Clearly Designed Steps album.

Most of the mini album is from the May kit at Scrapbook for a Cure. It's already sold out. You should check out their kits though - June's sneak peeks look amazing.
Okay, well, it's off to nap - my first night back to work tonight. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gimme S'more Mojo!

Wow, I haven't blogged in a bit! Spring has been a busy season for us. My mother's day brunch didn't happen since I was feverish and slept all day. Turns out I had a sinus and ear infections. After some antibiotics, I was on the mend. Just in time for my poor Harley dog to come down with some illness. He was limping,and not eating. The vet diagnosed him with anaplasmosis. This is a tick bourne illness like Lyme Disease. So my puppykins is now on a month's worth of antibiotics, but should get better. But a word of caution - we've had a crazy amount of ticks on the kids this year. I'm talking at least a couple week. Do those tick checks!

My hand is coming along. The doctor pronounced it healed on Friday and told the therapist that my hand should get exercised with "No Holds Barred." This is good, since joints that weren't even involved are swollen and painful. I'm told this is from the lack of mobility, so I'm happy to try to exercise it, even if it hurts. I'm returning to work Tuesday night. Should be interesting!

Billy Joel played his opening night of a ten show run here at Mohegan Sun. Mike and I went and had a wonderful time. My sister kept the kids overnight for us. It was a treat to get out as a couple. I asked Mike to take my picture before we left - I figured I was all made up, so why not? Here's the one he took:

And here's a silly one I snapped of myself. I'm such a goof.

My mojo has been on a bit of a vacation the past few weeks. I've been working on a mini album for a DT project. And while I love what I've done so far, I just really had to WORK for every page I've done. You know, nothing just gels,so you keep moving things around and it takes FOREVER. So I took a few nights off. And tonight I scrapped a page that I am really happy with. It's one for me, with happy girlie colors and embellies. I'll post it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I think it's got me feeling like I can be creative again.

This weekend has been beautiful here. Sunny and warm, but with a light breeze. We grilled today and had a nice family meal after mass. The kids had a blast toasting marshmallows after lunch. I forgot how good s'mores taste!

Tommy was cute. He actually passed up the chocolate and graham crackers just to eat the "smarshmellows".

Later, Mike set up the hammock in the yard for me and I took a nap under the trees. Pure bliss!

Okay, well, it's late here, so I'll share some scrappy stuff tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

The past couple of weeks have flown by. Dreamgirls posted a new challenge on the first. The topic is to scrap something you're proud of. I chose to scrap about quitting smoking, which I am happy to say happened 6 years ago:

Our prize this week is a gorgeous May kit from OPAAT. You NEED to check it out!

We also hosted a movie themed mini crop on NSD on our message board. It was a blast!

Speaking of cybercrops, I can't wait for Saturday the 17th. Scrap for a Cure is having their first ever. It should be a blast!
I've fallen in love with their kits and have been happily diving into the April kit and add on:

It's been a rough week here - RJ had double ear infections, Jimmy's asthma acted up so he's on steroids. Tommy had an engorged deer tick in the back of his neck - so now he's on antibiotics too. It's like a pharmacy counter in my kitchen, LOL. I've started with a cold today and am shivering with chills as I type this. Ugh.

Oh well, I suppose I should hop in bed and rest. We are meeting my folks and my sister's family for brunch - I don't want to miss that!
I hope you all have a happy and healthy Mother's Day. Enjoy!