Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are you a pack rat?

I have to confess. I am. Not a compulsive hoarder, but I tend to want to have things to look back at.
Like old emails. I just deleted more than I will admit to, because it might make me look crazy.

And scrapbook stuff. I've been working from all the many scrap kits I've accumulated over the past year. I've discovered so many pretty things I forgot I had. There's a tag sale coming up soon too at my LSS. Gotta get to work doing some purging.

I have a zillion blogs saved to my favorites too. Here's a few I added recently:



Dear Lizzy

These are crafters whose make wants me want to say, "Be back later - gotta go scrap!" as soon as I see them. Love finding new inspiration.

Late night post

This is my third night in a row off. I had big aspirations for all I wanted to accomplish .
Not as productive as I hoped, but still got a lot of important stuff done.

* Went to 2 of Colin's basketball games.
* Held a friend's sweet 3 week old baby.
* Cooked Fettucine Alfredo with Bren on Saturday night.
* Cooked Asian turkey burgers with Colin tonight.
(Didn't take pictures of eitehr - what was I thinking???)
Fettucine from a kids' cookbook - had cream cheese in it. Turned out awesome!
The turkey burgers tasted just like steamed dumplings from a chinese restaurant -delish!
* Went to Sunday Mass with the family and had a nice home cooked brunch with Mike and the kids.
* Realized I probably did mess up my shoulder when I fell down the front porch stairs a c ouple weeks back.
* Redid my farm on Farmville. ( I am so hopelessly addicted to Facebook, LOL).
* Started one layout and finished 2 others. (Still gotta get pictures of those.)
* Did 4 loads of laundry - one of which hung out on the clothesline in the sun today.
* Blazed a trail through the toys and crap on my scraproom / playroom floor.
* Taught Ryan how to play solitaire.
* Watched a movie with the kids.
* Had two longish conversations on the phone with my Mom and Dad, who I haven't been able to see since Christmas.
Miss them.
* Signed up for a date to teach my next class at NESC. (think One Page Wonders - Boy themed!)
* Was generally lazy, hung out time in front of the TV with the kids.

So overall, lots of quality stuff done.
Snowing here, so I bet the kids will be off from school again this morning.
Good times.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking about...

Applying for this DT call...


I just adore the CHA releases, especially Artsy Urban.

They have a fan page on Facebook too. Check it out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guilty as charged...

Of blog neglect, that is.

I blinked and nearly a month has passed.

Mike is finally working. I am working. We're all adjusting to a different lifestyle.

Having five kids is busy.

Working third shift is tiring.
Working full time third shift with five kids is plain exhausting at times. :0)

Scrapping is certainly my therapy.

Here is a 2 pager I made for New England Scrapbook Co. It is the February Kit of the Month, for sale now. The colors of this page just reminded me of conversation hearts. Remember those?

Here is another page I made for a sketch challenge on SB.com. This was really a stretch for me, since white space is hard for me. But I had a blast with it and decided to dig into my ribbon stash to add a little interest:

I'm really liking the green cardstock background on both these layouts. I'm trying to use more cardstock these days.
I stopped by my LSS this evening. The girls were meeting with one of their reps, and I got to see all the new Graphic 45 lines in person. Psyched to say that the girls are ordering all of them. Can't wait.
Well, gotta catch some zzzzz's.