Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Reflections

Well, the gifts have all been opened, the kids OD'd on cookies, candy canes and anticipation. Now the house is quiet, still and pretty well turned upside down. Bits of wrapping paper, video game packages and little action figure dudes decorate my living room.

Overall, I'd rate it as a good holiday.

There were things I wanted to do for the holiday, but ran out of time.
One was baking nut roll, That's on my radar to do this week. The kids and I did get to make and decorate sugar and gingerbread cookies.

Jimmy had been given a bag of "Reindeer Dust" by one of the teacher aides at school. Containing oatmeal, cinnamon and glitter, it is designed to entice the reindeer to your house by appealing to his senses of sight and smell. He was very intent on sprinkling it around our backyard. I heard him saying, " I really hope this works."

This puzzled me, but it came out later that he was genuinely concerned this year that he would somehow not be on Santa's list. Poor kid, he's always been a worrier. So I bet him that Santa would not leave hm off his list. I have to remind him to pay up...

During our trip to Disney this year, we went to the Monster's Inc. Laugh Factory attraction. The Mike Wazowski picked my dad out of the audience to be "THAT" guy - the one to be picked on throughout the show. Dad was such a good sport and really got a kick out of it.

I embellished this little green frame from Target with Reminisce's Monster Collection to make this gift for him:

I packaged it with a plush from the Disney store. Dad really was thrilled.

Since my dad's diagnosis, I worry about each coming holiday being my last with him. I felt this fear even more so since his liver mets recurrence. It seemed to be on his mind more so too.
I'm so grateful he still felt well enough to celebrate with us in our traditional way and I'm so glad I was able to make him laugh.

The kids were pleased with their gifts as well:

Brenna wearing one of her new outfits:

Tommy nervously trying out his Power Wheels:

Jimmy with his guitar:
The big boys doing some gaming:

And last but not least, the annual holiday pajamas!

Speaking of holiday jammies, here is a page I made recently, using paper from Reminisce. These pictures are from 2 years ago. I can't believe how much the kids have grown since then! Looking forward to scrapping this years picture...:
I was even called and given holiday time for work tonight, just as I hoped. I had passed it up all year in hopes of being able to be home tonight.
I hope you all had a peaceful and blessed Christmas. May the joy and happiness you felt today stay with you throughout the new year.

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kellyjean said...

Great pics, Debbie! You have such gorgeous children!!! Hope your Christmas was blessed and your New Year is filled with even more blessings!