Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I rang in the New Year by working two 12 hour nights in a row. I missed the ball dropping because I got busy and didn't know it until a patient came to the desk to say Happy New Year at 12:02am. I even took care of the New Year's mom and baby. They weren't the first born in the state, but the first at Hartford Hospital.
Been thinking about resolutions, and how I'd like to be in 2010.
I tend to avoid resolutions, since I always feel like I'm setting myself up to fail. But this year, I'm thinking of them more as mindsets:

1. I will choose to be happy:
It's been easy to wallow in worry and self pity this past year. I'm choosing to put a positive attitude forward whenever I feel stressed or burdened. I'm not going to let other people's negative energies bring me down.

2. Spend more time with God:
He is what carried us through this year. I've been reminded over and over this year that I am not alone. I feel more at peace when I make time to pray or attend Mass. I miss Sunday services at least once a month because of my work schedule. I'm going to try to make weekday Mass more often.

3. Take steps to improve my physical health:
I wake up sore and feeling old. I'll still be tired from my work schedule, but I'm going to eat healthier and increase my physical activity. I'm not setting a weight loss goal, just the goal to do be where ever it is that I feel GOOD. I won't say I'm going to the gym x days a week. Just that I'll choose to walk if I don't go to the gym.

4. Improve our financial health:
This one's more concrete. We've been waiting for Mike to return to work to start our financial makeover, Dave Ramsey style. This is going to bring me peace of mind, which will help me meet resolution#1.

5, Make time to scrap at least twice a week.
Being creative makes me happy. Plain and simple.It's my alone time. I spend most of my time taking care of others. Scrapping is my the time for myself. With the stressors of the past year, I put scrapping on hold. I really missed it.

So there it is: my plans for self improvement this year.
I think that there is nothing impossible to meet on this list. 2010 - Bring it on!

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Diana said...

you can do it!! Go Girl Go!!
hugs to you!