Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't even ask me why...

I'm still awake at 3:34am.
It's ridiculous, I know. It's my transition day. I'm always messed up for a day after I work a couple of nights in a row. So I slept from noon til 9pm. I wanted to get up earlier to be part of the family unit. Mike sent each of the kids up at dinner time to see if I'd wake up. I sent each one of them away, because my bed was just WAY too comfortable.
That's why I'm awake now.

Been scrapping with this kit:

It's from IAAS, and it's probably one of my favorites. I sill need to do some journaling and snap pictures of the projects I've done so far. You NEED to get this one.

The excitement for my day today was this:

This is Ryan. He took a spill off his bike today and fell onto his hand. I heard the shrieks from through the open window. Now, lest I sound like a mean mommy, I didn't react right away. You see, Ryan has a tendency to um, shall we say...
his injuries. But I could see his hand swelling up as he walked in . So off we went to get xrays. Thankfully, the doc didn't think it was broken. He didn't see anything obvious on the xrays, but he said it can be hard to see on kids sometimes. So he put on this splint and told us to come back in a week.

This is the same doctor who put a cast on Tommy just last week.
He said he thoght I looked familiar...

Tommy was draping himself over one of those big bouncy balls from Target the other weekend. I guess the ball rolled forward and he jammed his hand as he fell.
He fractured his radius. Poor kid is tough. While he cried initally, he moved it and used it for 36 hours before really showing any real pain.

So now they're like a pair of bookends!

Stay tuned, I'll be blogging more in the next few days to share some projects and a toot!


Melanie Stanczyk said...

Oh my gosh, poor boys! So crazy both of them at the same time.

Shirley said...

OMGosh! Two at the same time! Hang in there girl!