Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seeking Balance

Well, the month of June has just whizzed by me.
I'm still getting used to working full time. Being away from home more.
Missing the kids. Giving the majority of the household mangagement over to Mike.
It's a change, after working part time for 12 years.
It's all good. But it does feel weird at times.
Mike loves it and is really quite good at it. I'm very lucky that I'm married to a man who isn't headstrong about traditional gender roles.
So now I bring home the bacon.

The kids finished school today. I missed picking them up and taking pictures because I had to sleep. I picked up some OT last night and was stupid tired when I came home. The kids asked Mike if he had brought the camera. Which he had not. We'll have to brainwash him to remember the photo opps, LOL.

This week I faced some family stressors. My mom had called me on Monday, very upset that my dad's bloodwork (that is supposed to help gage how his cancer is doing) had changed for the worse. He had to go for a CT scan and face possible chemo changes. So off I went to New York to be with them for the doctor appointment.
Thank God, it was a false alarm. The doctor couldn't really account for why the labwork was wonky, buy the pictures were good. Did you know that the average patient doesn't remember 80% of what their doctor tells them? That's what his oncologist said. I believe that. That's why I always try to be there when they're having big discussions about treatments. I'm lucky to have been able to rearrange my work schedule to get there.

So let's share some scrappy stuff!

Here are a couple of layouts from the June IAAS kit. It features Chatterbox papers and lots of gorgeous embellishments by Prima, 7 Gypsies, Kaiser rub ons and yummy Glimmer Mist.

Well, it's late here, so I'm shoving off. Hope you have a great weekend!


Shirley said...

Beautiful work Debbie and love the fun kite! Sounds like your family is adjusting to the changes and that was good news about your dad! Scary stuff though. Glad you could be with them!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Beautiful work Debbie.

I hope you find balance. I'll keep your parents in my prayers and wish for the best.

Heather said...

I just found your blog through Scrap For a Cure, and I love your glimmer mist layouts!