Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back from the blue screen of death...

My computer started coughing and sputtering a few weeks back. Doing strange things. Until suddenly, there was nothing more than the blue screen when I turned it on. My poor desktop had a bunch of nasty viruses. I opened up the phone book and chose a name of a repairman who looked reputable. Big mistake. This man proceeded to hold my computer hostage for a week, not returning my calls and when he finally had it done, proceeded to charge me $200 more than his original quote. So let me just tell you, it was an ugly conversation that ensued. But here I am, finally back on line. If you live in CT, be sure to email me before using any repair people in the Torrington area. I'll be happy to tell you the name of my bad experience.

Anyhoo... being without a computer afforded me the opportunity to do other things. I read a couple of books. I planted a vegetable garden with my kids. I worked on organizing my scrap supplies. I returned to work full time. I fought off a miserable sinus thing and laryngitis. I taught a class at my LSS. I stayed busy.

I missed the June first debuts of my DT reveals though and am still catching up. Most of the pictures I scrap frome were on my computer (none of them were lost, luckily). So this forced me to delve into the boxes of traditional film camera pictures I have. I avoid these, since I never feel like they look as good as my digital shots.

Here is a layout I made with Kit #2 at Treasured Scrapbooking:

I pregnant with Jimmy, (who is now 6) in this picture. Didn't Brenna look so cute in her butterfly sunglasses?

This kit is just yummy, filled with lots of paper...

That's the first of my DT reveals. Stay tuned for my Scrap for a Cure projects this weekend.

So that's my story, in case you've been wondering where I've been. If I owe you an email reply, bear with me - I have MANY to read and go through.
Have a great weekend!


Sophia said...

Welcome back online Debbie! :)

That's a really sweet and lovely layout! Can't wait to see more of your works online.

Have a great week ahead!

Marcie said...

Love the layout and glad you got your computer back! I just got a new laptop and am in love!