Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Late night post

This is my third night in a row off. I had big aspirations for all I wanted to accomplish .
Not as productive as I hoped, but still got a lot of important stuff done.

* Went to 2 of Colin's basketball games.
* Held a friend's sweet 3 week old baby.
* Cooked Fettucine Alfredo with Bren on Saturday night.
* Cooked Asian turkey burgers with Colin tonight.
(Didn't take pictures of eitehr - what was I thinking???)
Fettucine from a kids' cookbook - had cream cheese in it. Turned out awesome!
The turkey burgers tasted just like steamed dumplings from a chinese restaurant -delish!
* Went to Sunday Mass with the family and had a nice home cooked brunch with Mike and the kids.
* Realized I probably did mess up my shoulder when I fell down the front porch stairs a c ouple weeks back.
* Redid my farm on Farmville. ( I am so hopelessly addicted to Facebook, LOL).
* Started one layout and finished 2 others. (Still gotta get pictures of those.)
* Did 4 loads of laundry - one of which hung out on the clothesline in the sun today.
* Blazed a trail through the toys and crap on my scraproom / playroom floor.
* Taught Ryan how to play solitaire.
* Watched a movie with the kids.
* Had two longish conversations on the phone with my Mom and Dad, who I haven't been able to see since Christmas.
Miss them.
* Signed up for a date to teach my next class at NESC. (think One Page Wonders - Boy themed!)
* Was generally lazy, hung out time in front of the TV with the kids.

So overall, lots of quality stuff done.
Snowing here, so I bet the kids will be off from school again this morning.
Good times.

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