Friday, November 16, 2007

Blogs, birthdays & bones

I was surfin around tonight and realized I have this list of blogs that I thought were cool. A really long list saved in my favorites. Frinds and DT member blogs.
Challenge blogs. Celebrity scrapper blogs. Sketch blogs. Manufacturer blogs. I don't spend nearly enough time visiting them all and updating my own. I need to spend some time revisiting them all and deciding which are worth keeping in my faves. Do some virtual decluttering.

This week was birthday week here - Brenna yesterday, Jimmy today. There's been a baking frenzy with cakes and muffins for school treats. Everyone enjoyed their treats and presents. So four birthdays done, one more to go in a few weeks!

Bones. Ugh, mine just hurt. I've been having some serious joint pain issues lately. I went to the doctor this week and had a gajillion tubes of blood taken for every test under the sun. Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow.

If you have a moment, go check out the "I Can See Clearly Now" contest at Couture Scrapbooking.
It runs through the end of the month and you can win a very cool acrylic Page Frames album and goodies to go with it.

Speaking of Page Frames, Natalia sent me this fab acrylic album that she is using at her booth at the Memories Expo in Orlando. I also did up a few ornaments for her too - working with the acrylic is soooo much fun! Here are a few pages of the album and a couple of the other goodies:

Okay, time to get these achey bones to bed. Tomorrow's another day.

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TanishaRenee said...

Debbie, these are all fantastic!