Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's New

So I haven't updated in a bit... We went to Ohio to visit Mike's family for Easter week. Here is a pic of what our crammed minivan looks like when we travel. Doesn't little Tom Tom look thrilled?

Tommy was fascinated with the whole egg coloring process this year. Especially the color orange. Every egg he did had to be orange and he cracked each one as he plopped them into the cup. So cute!

While we were away, I received some good news - I was chosen to join the Design Team at Scrapper's Haven, where I've been playing along with the Iron Chef II contest. Donna, Marcie and Rebecca there are just terrific there. Also chosen was Emine Pala, a super talented scrapper from the Netherlands. If you have a moment, come visit us. We are planning some more fun and games in the near future!


Many other pictures to share, but tomorrow is another day!

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