Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, another year is underway. Each night, I've thought about my neglected blog and wondered what profound thing I should say for my first post of the year. I know many scrappers have chosen their OLW for the year. I stewed on the idea for a while, and nothing surfaced in my brain.
Until the other day.

While surfing around the web, I came across an amazing website - the Brave Girls Club website. The message and the images really got me thinking. The colors were cheerful and bright, with inspiring stories and creative ingenuity.

That's when it occured to me...
My one little word should be:


and so there it is!(Said with a little bit of a flourish, LOL).

I want to restore...

*my health
*my sense of hope & aspirations
*financial security
*organization at home
*my physical appearance
*my creative freedom

Now this is a tall order, but I've already begun working on all of these items behind the scenes.
My birthday is in December, close to New Year's and a time that I always begin reflecting on my progress in this world.

So I began to think about what needed attention in my life.

I know it will be an ongoing process, but that's what the word means to me. It takes time to restore things to their original conditions. To sand out the rough spots. To bang out the dents. To refresh and revitalize.

I want to surround myself in happy, and to not be such a worrier.

I scrapped a layout that I think reflected my outlook for 2011:

About this layout...

First, this is a rare picture of me. I always make excuses to not be in pictures, like I'm too fat, or
I have no makeup on. Yadda yadda. But I didn't think about any of that when my BIL snapped this picture.
And I'm laughing. I am genuinely happy there. Mike is by my side.
The layout, it has lots of pink. Which makes me happy. And flowers, and frills.
I'm a girlie girl at heart, but seldom let that side of me show.
It has a bird, flying free. Unburdened. The sky's the limit.
It mixed my old and new supplies. It's okay to mix them up and pile them on. To be a bit arsty.
It represents the ideas I have for what to restore in my life.

Happy Belated New Year.

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