Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad Blogger

Wow, has it really been this long since I've updated here? Time has slipped away from me the past several weeks. Let's see, what's been going on...

Well, first and foremost, good news with Dad today. His MRI last week still shows only one small area in the liver that has not changed since his last scan, and he appears to be cancer free everywhere else. Thank God, it's hard to believe it's been a year already. He is so strong and determined. I'm always amazed by him.

The flu came and descended upon our house for a few weeks - I was the first victim. One by one, the kids became ill. Poor Colin had it the worst. Mike was ill last week, then little Tommy the other day. But I have to say - here's testament to the flu shot. I had one from work, and the youngest two did too, because of their ages. We three were the least ill of the bunch. So next year, be sure to do the right thing!

Winter has been challenging here too - ice storms, power outages and flooded basements, all while Mike was laid up. Hurry up spring!

We picked up our new dog, Harley at the end of January. He is such a good boy, but still very much a pup, who needs lots of time and attention.

Check out this cool guy who came to visit in our yard not too long ago:

Oh, and I did manage to slip some scrapping in here and there...

and some fun Valentine's cards with goodies from Couture Scrapbooking:

and since this is starting to get a bit long, just a couple more...

Love this song - done for Scrapping the Music:

and this one, done for a Love Elsie product challenge:


Anonymous said...

So happy you posted again Debbie I was wondering if you all got a dog or not..Congrats!
So yukky on the flu bug!
Love all the layouts and cards you posted here! Love birds! And that OWL!!! Love them! How lucky you were to see one in person, they always remind me of my father who has been gone for five years now he loved them also.

Deanna said...

glad you're feeling back up to par, and the rest of the house too! I just love your work Debbie, and hope I get to see more of it soon--either at Crop Addict or Simply Obsessed! it's just so inspiring!

Tracey Locher said...

The picture of that owl is AMAZING!!! Oh... and snow... how wonderful that must be!!! :-)