Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I had my appointment for my yearly GYN appointment. Yeah, I know, totally not fun, but a necessary evil. What I thought was cool, though, is that my doctor spent time talking with me about the new vaccination for HPV. I'm too old for it, you see, but he knows I have a daughter and he gave me the information for me to take to her next pediatrician appointment. From what he tells me, cervical cancer should be practically eliminated in years to come if this vaccine does what it's supposed to. So girls, tell your friends, tell your daughters. The vaccine can be given at age 9.

What else... went shopping today. I've signed up to play in the Crop-Azing Race at Timeless Inspirations. It's a six week series of challenges and the winner gets a spot on the next design team. Pretty cool! Anyhow, I needed some goodies to work on my projects for the week. I went to a JoAnn's on my way home and was pleasantly surprised at the selection there - WAY more stuff than the one close to home, which I seldom go to. Picked up some yummy ribbon and a fun Autumn Leaves stamp. Stay tuned for the layout to be posted soon!

Snowed here, FINALLY. We only got around an inch or less, but at least it stuck. The weather we've had here this winter has been so strange - the kids were wearing sweatjackets outside here until a few weeks ago. This is New England, we are supposed to be icy and snowy here! I'm hoping we'll get a bit more so I can get some pics of the kids outside in the snow this year. My daughter's snowpants still have the tags on them!

So ends another day.

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